Revolutionizing Educational Management

Leave behind outdated administrative processes and embrace the power of digital school management. With NexGuru's cutting-edge ERP system, experience a seamless blend of efficiency and accessibility, ensuring educators and students stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Why Choose NexGuru School ERP?

Experience the advantages that set NexGuru apart:

Educational Excellence

With countless successful implementations across schools and colleges, our educational management expertise is proven and unparalleled.


We are at the forefront of educational technology. Experience state-of-the-art modules that cater to every nuanced need of modern educational institutions.

Dedicated Support

Rest easy knowing our dedicated team is always ready to assist. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, we always ensure your school operations run smoothly.

Top-tier Security

Our utmost priority is protecting the data of educators, students, and staff. Experience peace of mind with NexGuru's robust security protocols.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs, no unexpected charges. Our pricing is straightforward, ensuring schools and institutions can budget effectively.

Regular Upgrades

Stay at the cutting edge of educational technology. Whether you opt for a monthly plan or lifetime access, expect consistent and impactful updates to the NexGuru platform.


Features of NexGuru - Your School's Digital Partner

Digital Classroom Management

Efficiently manage classrooms, track performance, and facilitate interactive learning.

Dynamic Timetable Generation

Create, modify, and easily share timetables, accommodating last-minute changes seamlessly

Mobile App For Parents & Students

Mobile App For Parents & Students Stay informed and connected with school updates, notices, and performance reports

Assignment & Project Tracking

Assignment & Project Tracking Ensure timely submissions, provide feedback, and monitor student progress.

E-Library & Resource Center

E-Library & Resource Center Access many educational resources, e-books, and study material.

Online Fee Payment & Receipts

Online Fee Payment & Receipts Simplify the fee payment process and maintain transparent financial records.

Student & Staff Profiles Maintain

Student & Staff Profiles Maintain comprehensive records, including academic history, achievements, and contact details.

School Announcements & Events

School Announcements & Events Keep the school community updated with the latest news, events, and important dates.

Parent-Teacher Communication Portal

Parent-Teacher Communication Portal Facilitate direct communication, schedule meetings, and discuss student progress.

Performance Analytics & Reports

Performance Analytics & Reports Gain insights into student progress, identify areas of improvement, and tailor teaching methods.

Download The NexGuru Mobile App

Dream11 App
  • Play Access Educational Management On-the-Go Stay connected with the school's operations, updates, and performance reports anywhere, anytime.
  • Refer your friend Effortless Classroom Management Teachers, parents, and students can easily interact, share updates, and track academic progress through the NexGuru iOS and Android apps.
  • Chat & Groups Seamless Access to E-Library & Resources Explore a wide range of educational resources, e-books, and study material with just a few taps.
  • Chat & Groups Stay Updated With School Announcements Never miss out on important news, events, and dates. Get real-time notifications directly on your mobile device.
  • Chat & Groups Available on Google Play & App Store Download the NexGuru app today and experience the revolution in educational management.

Trusted by educational institutions ranging from 500 to 45,000+ students.

School management and communication systems should work harmoniously, relying on synchronised data for seamless operation. Manually updating records across platforms can be tedious and error-prone. The entire process is streamlined with NexGuru's School ERP, ensuring accurate and timely information flow. Dive into a hassle-free educational management experience.


A Glimpse of Our Valued Educational Partners

NexGuru Fees Collection System

Automated and Transparent Fee Management with NexGuru School ERP Ensure timely fee collection, offer multiple payment gateways, and keep parents updated with NexGuru's comprehensive fee collection module.

NexGuru Student Management System

Centralized Student Information with NexGuru School ERP Maintain detailed profiles, track academic progress, and ensure every student's holistic development with NexGuru's Student Management System.

  • Enrollment & Admissions Streamlined online application and admission processes, reducing paperwork and ensuring accuracy.

  • Academic Progress Tracking Monitor each student's academic journey, from assignments to exam results.

  • Attendance & Behavioral Records Keep a consolidated record of attendance, punctuality, and behavioral observations.

  • Extracurricular Activity Tracking Maintain records of students' participation in sports, arts, and other activities.

  • Advanced Search & Filtering Effortlessly search for specific student profiles, academic records, or behavioral observations.

NexGuru Transport Management System

Safe and Efficient Transport Management with NexGuru School ERP Ensure student safety, optimize routes, and keep parents informed with NexGuru's integrated Transport Management System.

  • Route Optimization Determine the most efficient routes, saving time and reducing fuel costs.

  • Live Vehicle Tracking Parents can monitor the school bus/van's location in real-time, ensuring peace of mind.

  • Vehicle Maintenance Logs Keep track of vehicle maintenance schedules, ensuring the fleet's safety and reliability.

  • Driver and Attendant Profiles Maintain detailed profiles of drivers and attendants, ensuring only verified personnel manage the fleet.

  • Emergency Alerts In case of unexpected delays or issues, send instant alerts to parents and school authorities.

NexGuru Parent Mobile App

Stay Connected with Your Child's Academic Journey with NexGuru's Comprehensive Parent Mobile App Instantly access homework assignments, school notifications, and track extracurricular activities—all from your mobile device.

  • 1).Get real-time updates on school events, announcements, and important dates.
    2).Stay informed with the number of unread notifications at a glance.
    3).Example: "All student notification check."

  • 1).Instant access to daily homework assignments across subjects.
    2).Ensure your child never misses a deadline.
    3).Example: "Welcome to the homework section."

  • 1).Track your child's academic progress and performance.
    2).Access report cards, grade summaries, and teacher feedback.

  • 1).View your child's artistic creations and projects.
    2).Receive updates on drawing assignments and school art events.

  • 1).Monitor your child's participation in activities like dance, sports, music, and more.
    2).Receive updates on upcoming events, practices, and performances.

  • 1).Stay updated on school events, parent-teacher meetings, and holidays.
    2).Plan ahead with a consolidated school calendar.

  • 1).Chat directly with teachers or school administrators.
    2).Raise concerns, ask questions, and provide feedback in real-time.

  • 1).Manage profile settings, including contact details and notification preferences.
    2).Customize the app experience according to your preferences.

NexGuru Student Mobile App

Empower Your Learning Experience with NexGuru's Personalized Student Dashboard Stay organized with exam schedules, easily access study materials, and engage with content shared by your teachers—all at your fingertips.

  • 1).Be the first to know about upcoming exams, assignment deadlines, and school announcements.
    2).Never miss out with real-time notifications, ensuring you stay updated.

  • 1).Instantly access content shared by your school or teachers, from lecture notes to multimedia resources.
    2).Dive into a repository of educational materials that cater to your curriculum.

  • 1).Conveniently take online exams and quizzes through the app.
    2).Access exam instructions, time duration, and other essential details before starting.
    3).Seamless submission process with a confirmation receipt.

  • 1).View your examination results as soon as they're released.
    2).Analyze subject-wise performance with visual graphs and detailed breakdowns.
    3).Read feedback from teachers to understand areas of improvement.

  • 1).Organize and prioritize your assignments with deadline reminders.
    2).Upload completed tasks directly through the app for grading.

  • 1).Engage with interactive classroom content shared by your teachers.
    2).Participate in discussions, raise questions, and share insights with peers.

  • 1).Showcase your academic achievements, projects, and extracurricular accolades.
    2).A dedicated space to reflect on your learning journey and accomplishments.

  • 1).Personalize your learning experience with customizable app settings.
    2).Update your profile with a picture, contact information, and academic details.

We believe in transparent and competitive pricing. Please reach out to us for a tailored quote that suits your needs.


Core Modules of NexGuru


  • MIS
  • Academics

  • Students
  • TC (Transfer Certificate)
  • Exam
  • Report Card
  • Time Table
  • LMS
  • Student Attendance
  • Library
  • Bucket
  • Administration

  • Ticketing System
  • Purchase
  • Assets
  • PRO
  • Transport
  • Finance

  • Fees
  • Staff/Employee

  • Employee
  • Staff Attendance
  • Staff Payroll
  • Talent Hub
  • Communication

  • Online Portal
  • Messaging-Parent
  • Feedback
  • DMS/Forms

  • File Wallet
  • Forms
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